Hello! Welcome to this website for a writer on the rise. My name is Caitlin Donovan and I’m an aspiring novelist who is starting to get serious about building my brand (TM). So here it is. A WordPress website. I’ve actually been involved with WordPress for quite a while, through companies I’ve worked for and my own shenanigans, but this is definitely my first Official Writing Website.

The reason I finally did this is that I recently self-published a poetry book to fulfill my grandfather’s dying wish (dramatic, but true) and it features poetry by both myself and him. So this will serve as a good way to give some information about that and promote it a bit.

Otherwise, the website will serve to chronicle my journey as I try to get my first novel published. It’s a YA fantasy tale starring two queer teenage girls full of dark twists and turns and I really want everyone to read it.

The website will also collect my other writing, such as my work for entertainment news websites like Epicstream, the Mary Sue, Cracked and so on. So please come on in, explore and learn more about me! I’d love to meet fellow writers and storytelling enthusiasts and form a little community.

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