Back from AWP!

Back from the writing conference at last! It was really worthwhile and I met a lot of cool people! I attended several panels and took lots of notes. I actually typed them up, so I’ll share them in a separate post so other prospective writers can benefit.

But I have some fingers crossed on some opportunities. I won’t say what so I won’t jinx myself but SUPER CROSSED.

I also talked about my book to a few small presses and some of them seemed interested! One author referred me to an agent, but it looks like she’s not taking unsolicited submissions right now.

And I ran into a guy from my MFA class! I bought his book, (It’s called Lying for a Living, it’s by Steve McCondichie). He said I critiqued part of it and told him “nobody cares about the technical lawyer stuff” so he cut it out of that part. I don’t remember, but that does sound like something I would say.

I discovered this right before I left for the conference, but there’s a really cool YA author who lives here in town- she wrote a book about teenage girls getting together on a ROGUE MISSION to dismantle the rape culture in their school and expose the crimes of the school’s precious golden boys. It’s called The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed and it’s SUPER well written, and in line with my sensibilities obvs.

(and for anyone on the lookout for certain kinds of characters: for the three main girls one is Latina and a lesbian, one has Aspergers and one is fat, and those aspects of their identities are explored and addressed in interesting ways and how the feminist movement as a whole struggles with intersectionality is addressed. There a brief snapshots of the lives of various girls in the school that feel kind of shut out by the others, including a trans girl. It’s a very thoughtful book overall, YMMV on the specifics obviously).

Other books I read for the conference I liked: The Unintentional Time Traveler by Everett Maroon and Welcome to the Slipstream by Natalka Burian. I also picked up several new books I’ll go over on here while I’m reading.

I went to a mixer for YA authors and actually met Everett Maroon and also talked a lot with Tiff Ferentini, another prospective author! They were both really great.

I definitely enjoyed this conference and feel like I understand a lot more about the industry now. I probably won’t be able to afford to fly to the next AWP conference, but I’ll definitely look into getting in on a smaller conference next year.

Up next: Notes from the panels!

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