Caitlin Donovan is a journalist, teacher, blogger, poet and, above all, a huge geek for all kinds of fiction.

She is the author of the upcoming YA thriller, In the Way of All Flesh, which will be published with Regal Crest Enterprises. You can see Caitlin’s author page at Regal Crest here.

Her passion led her to earn a MFA in writing from Queens University in Charlotte and she has been published in several literary journals, including The Great Smokies Review. In 2012, she won the Wilma Dykeman Award for Creative Nonfiction for her autobiographical short story, “The Misadventures of Comic Book Girl”.

She has written for several entertainment websites, including Big Shiny Robot, CrackedThe Mary Sue  and Anime Feminist.  She was a regular writer, journalist and content creator at Epicstream for several years.  She is currently an active freelance writer who continues to publish her work through many of these websites. She is also often hired to write for individual patrons and customers.

When she’s not writing, Caitlin works as an ESL Teacher. She teaches English to Chinese students through the online program DaDaABC. She enjoys showing children the joys of the language.

Caitlin currently resides in North Carolina with her trouble-making cat.

If you like Caitlin’s work, you can follow her on Tumblr , Twitter and WordPress.  She accepts donations through Ko-fi  and you can support and commission her work directly through her Patreon