In the Way of All Flesh

In the Way of All Flesh is a thrilling young adult fantasy novel by Caitlin Donovan that will be published by Regal Crest Enterprises. You can see the page for In the Way of All Flesh on Regal Crest’s website here.

The publication date is September 1st! You can pre-order the book on both Kindle and Amazon here!

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The summary of In the Way of All Flesh is as follows:

Gloomy teenager Manee Srikwan wears long sleeves and keeps her hands to herself for a good reason–whenever she touches a person for the first time, she sees a vision of how they will die. Manee’s weird powers cause those around her nothing but misery and she’s long resigned herself to a life of loneliness. But her vivacious classmate, Stephanie Pierce, changes all that. She smashes through every wall Manee puts up and overturns every expectation.

Much to Manee’s shock, Stephanie believes her about her powers. What’s more, she insists they can stop the deaths Manee sees from happening. When the two of them are together, it feels like they can do anything.

As the girls grow closer, Manee’s feelings for Stephanie blossom into love. She yearns to be more intimate but is anxious about breaking her all-important “hands-off ” rule. When she finally gives in to temptation, she sees a terrifying future where Stephanie is murdered — and Manee is her killer!  Now Manee has a choice to make— will she fight this fate or let it rule her?